GTC Commerce

GTC COMMERCE is a multinational company headquartered in Shanghai and with offices in Seattle and Milan that is well-positioned to bring Chinese consumers and exceptional American and European small- and medium-sized businesses together.

Founded by Western-educated Chinese and American supply chain and international trade experts, GTC strives to open Chinese markets for unique foreign companies, and improve the quality of life of Chinese consumers by bringing them premium products from around the globe.

You can meet the GTC and UniEclub Team  here .

Corporate Culture

(1) Audacity of vision and inspiration;
(2) Quality and service driven efficient process;
(3) Pursuit of win-win solutions for customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders;
(4) Legal and ethical Compliance;
(5) Strong team spirit;
(6) Open-minded thinking and knowledge;
(7) Straightforward and efficient communication;
(8) Result-driven implementation and problem solving;
(9) Capacity to learn and adapt quickly.