How it Works

We Take the Risk, So You Can Focus on Your Business

Founded and staffed by experts in trade with China, retailing, supply chain and lifestyle. GTC Commerce does all the heavy lifting for foreign suppliers.

GTC Commerce, through, handles all the marketing and e-commerce platforms with our Chinese member-customers.

With an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market and import/export costs, we work with you to price your products competitively.

GTC Commerce picks up your products and imports them to China where they are stored in our bonded warehouse on Shanghai, China. Customs fees, duties, and taxes are paid monthly only on merchandise actually sold, thus reducing paperwork and up-front costs for manufacturers.

GTC Commerce pays the vendors for the goods in most efficient way for buy-sale transactions; Or collects a service fee from suppliers only on merchandise actually sold for consignment transactions.

GTC Commerce handles all customer deliveries (second-day to major cities).

GTC Commerce views suppliers as full partners. We give suppliers full access to the GTC database so they can check inventory of their products, and look in on the status of orders in real time.
GTC Commerce and provide you access to millions of new, high-end customers whose purchasing power is growing daily.

Come grow your brand in one of the largest consumer markets the world has ever known!